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We UniGates for Academic Services (UG) work in the field of providing academic advisory & services for students who wish to pursue their educational journey abroad, our company overlooks the provision of guidance, managerial and logistic services for our clients all over the world.

UniGates was founded in 2011 by M. Anar Irzaev in the capital of Azerbaijan- Baku, making it the first company to deal with university services & the assistance of foreign students to enroll in Azerbaijan universities, in 2013 its activity expanded by opening a new branch in Turkey- Izmir through which we provided services to fresh graduates aiming to study in Turkish & Turkish Cyprus universities. With the beginning of 2014 the company's branch in Amman the capital of Jordan was opened making it the company's official headquarter in the middle east through which the company organizes our activities in various Arab & African countries.

In 2015 the company's activity developed by signing partnership agreements in order to open branches in (Yemen, Mauritania and Tanzania), during 2016 representative branches were opened in (Tunisia, Kuwait, Egypt and Sudan) and with the beginning of the new year of 2017 new branches were opened in (Algeria, Kenya, Iraq, Kurdistan Iraq, and United Russia)

We UniGates in 2017 are distinguished for providing our services to a vast segment of students whom we assist in attending more than 300 educational institutions distributed over 20 study destinations all over the world, in addition to organizing university exhibitions in 8 cities yearly.

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We welcome those who are interested in dealing with UniGates company in the field of providing Academic advisory and services for students wishing to travel and to continue their education abroad. We are representatives of more than 300 educational institutions in more than 20 destinations all over the world. Our company also organizes exhibitions and educational courses in 8 cities yearly.

If you have the desire of cooperating with us in the different fields and the services we provide, please contact us through the following email: cooperation@unigates.org