Our Services

Our dear student, getting proper academic advisory that pays attention to many important aspects is the most important step in choosing the most suitable academic destination for you, taking into consideration:

1) The academic average; many universities impose constraints on the average of the students during the school years to attend the majors available for bachelor degree, so is the case for students who are going to study masters degree & P.H.D. majors.
Through our website we have clarified in details the terms of enrollment to all the universities we represent as well as each education system, the students have to pay attention to the acceptance conditions and to insure that they agree to them before taking any steps further.

2) The student's ability to pay the annual tuition fees which differ from one from one university to another, we have organized the academic fees through our website based on majors and degrees for each university we represent so that the students and their parents would have a clear idea from the beginning.

3) The university's accreditation at the Ministry of Higher Education in the student's country, where many Arab countries like: Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine and others, have a list of accredited universities for each academic destination, and so if any student wishes to attend any foreign university they have to commit to the list of accredited universities at their Ministry of Higher Education, so that the university degree would be equated and recognized in the students' country.

4) the student's ability to afford the living costs in the academic destination where the university resides, where the cost of accommodation, food, drinks, transport and other things are different from one country to another and sometimes from one city to another in the same country.
We created a section specifically for the living costs of each academic destination, so the students and their parents would have a realistic image of the monthly needed allowance for a decent life in that country.

5) The requirements for acquiring the educational visa for each destination have been explained on our website, taking into consideration the conditions of acquiring it from different foreign embassies, these conditions are different from one country to another.

Our dear students, through our website you will get academic advisory and speak to us directly through the Live Chat feature free of charge, where you will be able to get instant and accurate answers for all the questions you have about studying abroad, you can also communicate with the company's representative branches in: (Jordan, Iraq, Kurdistan Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen, Mauritania, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Kenya, Russia).

We at UniGates for Academic Services (UG) are proud to present the direct online registration service to all the institutions we represent (Universities, colleges, language institutes, training centers) through our website.

Our dear student, through our website you can benefit from the direct registration to the institutions we represent, free of charge!! After receiving your academic advisory and getting all the information you need about the university, in addition to understanding the embassy's rules.

To successfully complete the registration process, we advise you to follow the steps below in order:
1) Prepare all the required and mentioned documents in each academic institution's section on our website.

2) Scan all your documents and make sure that they're clear, photocopying pictures using your phone's camera or other is not acceptable and will halt the submission of the transaction.

3) Click on the direct registration link (click here). Fill in all your personal information, your contact details along with the documents and required certificates in the designated sections.

4) You will receive your transaction acceptance confirmation message by email within 24 hours. You will also be contacted by us through phone to confirm your admission request in the academic institution.

5) Our team will fill the registration form for the chosen academic destination, depending on the request's nature and the academic institution your documents will be sent so you would get an initial or final acceptance.

6) Immediately after you are acceptance is announced it will be sent to you by email and for confirmation of its issuance by the institution; you will be contacted by phone.

Please pay attention to some of the important issues related to enrollment through our website to different academic institutions:
1) Submission through our website is completely free while some institutions impose specific fees for the enrolment between 60-300 US dollars which differs from one institution to another (the application fees are listed in the section of each institution on our website).
Our company doesn't cover these fees, you can transfer the money to the institutions account directly, pay through PayPal, bank transfers on UniGates company accounts or using the fast transfer services by Western Union or Moneygram, for more information you can contact us using Live Chat.

2) Only English documents are accepted, documents in Arabic or any other language are not accepted which is why you need to translate all documents and certificates to English before presenting your transaction, you can makes use of UniGates for Translation Services to translate all the required documents within 72 hours for free.

3) Submission through our agents in different countries is not free and is subject to fees determined by them.

In the various academic destinations we represent, translating documents and academic certificates is the first step of enrollment, where English is considered the official language for transactions; documents in any other language must be translated to English.

The institutions (Universities, colleges, language institutes and training centers) and the embassies requirements differ when it comes to the documents required for enrollment and the documents which needs to be translated as well as the translation language.

For example, at various academic destinations in the world, the majority of institutions accept documents issued in/translated to English, many embassies on the other hand require the student who is applying for an educational visa to translate the certificates to the language of the country. For instance the Russian embassy requires the student to translate the certificates exclusively to Russian so it would be approved and accredited in Russia.

"UniGates for Translation Services" section was opened in 2017 in our company to provide our clients with the service of uploading documents that need instant translation through our website. It will be done within 72 hours and free of charge.

Be advised that this service is only available for our clients who have enrolled in one of the academic institutions that we represent exclusively through our website, the free translation only covers the certificates.

For the translation required by the embassies for the purpose of acquiring the educational visa, the student must complete it through the translation offices accredited by those embassies.

Our dear student, to make use of the free translation service on our website, the steps below must be followed:
1) Contact us through the Live Chat feature or by email about the institution you would like to enroll to; so that our team would guide you in regards of the certificates and documents that need to be translated as well as the embassy it belongs to.

2) Scan the documents and certificates requested for submission.

3) Upload the scanned copies through the following link (click here).

4) Within 72 hours the translation of the documents would be ready, and then we will start working on the registration procedures to the institution.
Translation of the certificates and documents required to obtain an educational visa from the embassy will be for a specific amount of money, because the embassies only accept certified translation by local juror translators, contact our closet branch for more information.

Travel insurance is a document issued by insurance agencies for foreigners who are travelling to countries they don't have a citizenship in. The rules, conditions & the processes of acquiring the insurance by foreigners differ when travelling from one country to another. The health insurance, Accidents insurance & insurance for public property damage are the most requested by countries from their foreign citizens.

The Main purpose for forcing the foreign citizens to buy an insurance policy for entering the country is to guarantee that an insurance company would take care of covering any financial dues in case of health issues, accidents or vandalism of public property during their stay in that country.

The first type of travel insurance is the health insurance which is a document that allows its holder to obtain free or discounted treatment at hospitals or health centers, in addition to discounts on medicines from pharmacies.

The second type is the accidents insurance, which is a document that compensates its holder with a specific amount of money in case of accidents that might lead to death or paralysis. (God forbid)

The third and last type is the public property insurance; this insurance covers the repair costs for any damages that the holder might cause to public property. The main condition to obtain a visa followed by an annual residency card to enter and stay in a country for students studying abroad is to purchase an insurance policy, the types of insurance, value and conditions of obtaining it varies from one country to another.

As a condition for acquiring an educational visa: a majority of European countries requires foreign citizens to purchase their insurance policy from the student's country of residence, upon the student's arrival to his/her European destination, as a rule to obtain the annual residence card; the student is forced to purchase an insurance policy for students from the insurance companies in the country, which includes the health insurance, property damage insurance and accidents insurance.

We at Unigates for Academic Services (UG) provide our students attending any of the institutions we represent an insurance policy from global insurance companies fully free, contact us through the Live Chat feature to obtain more information about the suitable policy for you.

People who are not accustomed to travelling have many questions on mind, what do we mean with "embassy"? What is the main goal of having a large number of embassies from all over the world in one country? What are the types of visa?

An Embassy is a governmental institution which represents a country's interests in another country, one of the embassy's objectives is to facilitate and stimulate the relations between two countries from many aspects either political, diplomatic, military matters, commercial activities, tourism, cultural exchange, visas and much more which depends on the nature of relations between both countries.

Many countries have special relations and common interests, thus allowing their citizens to travel between them without a visa, in the year 2017, the German passport is considered the most powerful for allowing its holder to travel to 177 countries out of 218 without a visa. The visa exemption scheme is for visit and tourism purposes that do not exceed a specific duration which is generally between 30 – 90 days.

When it comes to foreigners who plan to stay in a country for over 90 days, they have to obtain a visa whether they did or didn't have a visa exemption scheme, one of the most famous visas internationally for long-term stays is the educational visa whose rules and requirements of obtainment varies from one embassy to another.

Through our website, we UniGates for Academic Services (UG) have explained & clarified the rules and requirements for obtaining an educational visa in the (visas' system) section which contains detailed information and tips for the students about the process of submitting their documents to the embassies of their academic destinations, whose institutions we represent.

Our dear student, receiving a university acceptance from a (university, college or language institute), translation of all documents to the country's official language, travel insurance, the financial ability to pay the annual tuition fees & providing an account statement which proves that you have a specific amount of money, Health fitness & the absence of any intractable or infectious diseases and finally, a record that is free of any serious security precedents: are all mutual rules between all the embassies to apply for an educational visa.

Our company provides its clients who are enrolling into one of the institutions we represent with the service of preparing their documents as required by the embassy of that country, free of charge!! To make use of this service our dear student; you have to follow these steps:
1) After obtaining your academic acceptance from one of the institutions we represent, contact us through the Live Chat feature for answers to any inquiries you might have about the requirements for acquiring an educational visa from the embassy of the country you are travelling to.

2) An appointment with one of UniGates' staff who is responsible for the preparation of the embassies' files will be done using Skype or direct calls to complete the procedures of filling out the visa application form.

3) After ensuring that your file is ready to be presented to the embassy, we will book an interview with the embassy by coordinating with you.

4) You will be contacted by one of our staff who will inform you about the nature of the questions you will be asked by the embassy and the suitable way to answer them, to guarantee that you will successfully obtain your educational visa.

Dear student, we at UniGates prepare the embassy files for our clients free of charge, but the documents' certification fees and the educational visa fees have to be paid directly in the embassy.

We would also like to notify you that this service is free for students who apply through our website. But, the students who are dealing directly with one of our representatives have to pay the services incurred charges for the company's agent.

The students and their parents are fully aware that travelling and studying abroad requires you to coexist with a community that has different cultures, habits & ways of living which the student is not accustomed to, which is why a comfortable environment should be provided to facilitate the student's integration within this community.

Since one of the most important & worrying issues for the students and their parents is the accommodation where the student will be staying during his study years, we have found a new way to showcase all the types of accommodations available in the academic destinations we represent, through our website. University dorms are one of the most famous types of accommodations because they are suitable for the students and their parents; low rent compared to other apartments, nearness to the university; since most dorms are inside the campus, the dorms are also secured by the university's security guards in addition to many other factors.

Some destinations like (United Russia, Georgia & Belarus) forces new foreign students to stay in university dorms for at least one academic year, because they believe that a student should get to know the cultures, traditions and the language of the country before living among the citizens.

We have showcased the dorms of the universities we represent on our website, where you will be able to find a section for available dorms at each university we represent, through which we present pictures of the universities' dorms, annual housing fees & other useful things.

We at UniGates for Academic Services (UG) provide advanced booking services for students' accommodations at the institutions we represent, You only have to choose the type of the room that suits and our team will work on reserving it. This service is free of charge for our clients!!

For students who are looking for external accommodations in shared apartments with other students, staying with a family or a separate apartment, we at UniGates have a wide network of representatives & real estate offices that we deal with which we assist our clients in renting a suitable apartment before traveling, this service is also completely free four our students.

Contact us for more information about the types of accommodations at the destination you are travelling to, we will book the suitable choice for you before travelling.

The last part of the free services we provide for our clients after the (Academic advisory, direct registration in the institution of your choice, documents translation, travel insurance, completing the embassy's transaction & advanced accommodation reservation) is the flight tickets reservation service, which we will be presenting first.

Reserving tickets from travel & tourism offices and airlines agencies that's available in all the cities is considered the most used method for tickets purchasing, especially in Asian & African countries where the citizens depend on electronic tickets bought online through the tickets reservation companies' websites or the airlines' websites.

The online services Sector is still unknown and not popular in most Arab & African countries such as (Travel tickets purchases, application & programs purchasing and hotels reservations) and other things that can be bought and paid for using VISA or Mastercard. Because most of the citizens are used to the traditional payment methods using cash, due to people's lack of trust in financial transactions via the internet.

Through our company's flights reservation branch: UniGates for air tickets booking services, we assist our clients in reserving tickets to the required destinations safely and effectively, our service is specialized with many things which include:
1. We provide our clients with tickets for less prices than the ones offered at the local reservation offices.

2. All the tickets we provide for our clients have the feature of modifying the date of the trip, in addition to 40 Kilograms of luggage and 8 Kilograms of carryon luggage.

3. Assisting our clients in completing the transit visa procedures if required.

4. We organize private trips on one of the airlines for the students who are travelling & studying in (Russia, Turkish Cyprus & Malaysia) from the countries where we have a lot of activity like (Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq – Irbil, Yemen, Tanzania, Mauritania, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan) where a plane would be fully booked for UniGates' students. A representative of our company will accompany the students from their country to the destination they're heading to; to meet them at the airport & to complete the rest of the procedures, the tickets prices will be very cheap compared to the regular prices.

Contact us using the Live Chat feature to check the tickets reservation prices through our company as well as the flight schedule of UniGates from your country of residence. Payment for tickets reservation is through bank transfers to the company's account, direct transactions through Western Union & Money Gram, and using PayPal.

Free Tickets:
Many gifts and offers are provided by UniGates for Academic Services for students who attend one of the institutions we represent on our website, where we provide free tickets every now and then to a group of students selected based on the offer's rules. Contact us through the Live Chat feature to inquire about the latest offers.

واحدة من أهم الخدمات التي نتميز بتقديمها لجميع عملائنا من الطلبة، هي خدمة الاستقبال من المطار ومجاناً بالكامل. حيث أننا نوفر لكم أعزائنا الطلبة هذه الخدمة في جميع المدن التي تقع بها المؤسسات التعليمية التي نمثلها.

عملت شركة UniGates For Academic Services (UG) على تطوير العديد من الخدمات التي يحتاجها عملائنا من الطلبة فور وصولهم الى الوجهة الدراسية الجديدة بالتشارك مع المؤسسات التعليمية التي نمثلها، ومن أهم هذه الخدمات هي استقبال الطالب من المطار وتوصيله الى مسكنه المحجوز مسبقاً، وذلك مراعاةً لقلق الطالب وولي الأمر وتوفير المال والجهد عليهم.

نذكر أعزائنا الطلبة ان خدمة الاستقبال من المطار هي مجانية بالكامل لعملائنا من الطلبة الذين يسجلون في أي واحدة من المؤسسات التعليمية التي نمثلها من خلال موقعنا الألكتروني، وتخضع الخدمة لعدة شروط مهمة ونذكر منها:

1. الطلبة الذين يلتحقون في المؤسسات التعليمية للفصل الدراسي الأول (شهر 9)، تكون الخدمة متاحة ابتداءاً من 10/08/2017 والى تاريخ 01/09/2017.

2. الطلبة الذين يلتحقون في المؤسسات التعليمية للفصل الدراسي الثاني (شهر 2)، تكون الخدمة متاحة ابتداءاً من 15/01/2018 والى تاريخ 05/02/2018.

3. الطلبة الذين يحق لهم ان يستفيدوا من خدمة الاستقبال من المطار بشكل مجاني هم حصراً الطلبة الذين التحقوا في المؤسسات التعليمية التي نمثلها ومن خلال موقعنا الألكتروني.

4. يجب على الطالب إخبارنا فور حصوله على التأشيرة الدراسية من سفارة الوجهة الدراسية التي يريد السفر اليها، وذلك لكي يتم إعلام مندوب الشركة مسبقاً عن ترتيب إجراءات استقبال الطالب.

5. إذا قام الطالب بحجز سكن (جامعي او خارجي) من خلال موقعنا الالكتروني، فسوف يعمل مندوب الشركة على توصيله مباشرةً من المطار الى موقع سكنه.

نود التنبيه الى ان التسجيل من خلال وكلاء الشركة في مختلف انحاء العالم ليس مجانياً وإنما يخضع الى رسوم محددة من قبل وكيل شركتنا.

فور وصول الطالب الى الوجهة الدراسية المقصودة واتمام تسجيله بشكل نهائي في الجامعة والتخصص الذي يريد، وكذلك الامر بالنسبة لاتمام الإجراءات الخاصة بتقيد الطالب في السكن الجامعي او الخارجي، سوف نبدا باجراءات تسجيل الطالب بشكل رسمي في دائرة الإقامة والهجرة لغرض الحصول على بطاقة الإقامة السنوية.

بطاقة الإقامة السنوية هي عبارة عن وثيقة تعريفية تمنح للمواطنين الأجانب المقيمين في دولة أخرى، بحيث تحتوي البطاقة على المعلومات الأساسية لحاملها مثل (الاسم والعمر والجنس ومكان السكن والجنسية الاصلية وكذلك الغاية من التواجد في هذه الدولة)، وتمنح بطاقة الإقامة السنوية للمواطنين الأجانب لفترات زمنية مختلفة وبالنسبة للطلبة فهي تمنح لمدة 11 شهرا في الاغلب وتجدد سنويا الى ان ينتهي الطالب من دراسته الجامعية.

الهدف الرئيسي من حصول الطالب على بطاقة الإقامة السنوية هو حصوله على اذن الإقامة في الوجهة الدراسية المقصودة بطريقة شرعية ورسمية، وكذلك توجد العديد من الأمور التي يستفيد منها الطلبة باستخدام بطاقة الإقامة مثل فتح الحسابات البنكية، السفر من والى بلد الدراسة بدون الحاجة للحصول على تأشيرة، الحصول على رخصة القيادة، التملك وشراء العقارات، التنقل بين جميع مدن وانحاء الوجهة الدراسية بكل حرية.

نحن في شركة UniGates for academic Services (UG) نقدم لعملائنا الطلبة خدمة تقديم ملفاتهم لدائرة الإقامة والهجرة لغرض الحصول على بطاقة الإقامة السنوية مجانا بالكامل، ولاتمام الإجراءات بالشكل الصحيح علينا اتباع الخطوات التالية:

1. إتمام التسجيل بشكل نهائي في المؤسسة التعليمية التي اختارها الطالب والمتمثلة بدفع كامل الرسوم الجامعية والحصول على هوية الطالب.

2. إتمام التسجيل بشكل نهائي في السكن الجامعي او الخارجي والمتمثلة بدفع الأيجار الشهري او السنوي ومن ثم توقيع عقد الايجار.

3. إتمام إجراءات الفحص الطبي في واحدة من المستشفيات المحددة من قبل دائرة الإقامة والهجرة والمتمثلة بعمل بعض الفحوصات الطبية لخلو الطالب من أي امراض مستعصية او معدية.

4. حصول على الطالب على وثيقة التامين الصحي لمدة سنة على الأقل.

5. إتمام أي إجراءات خاصة بترجمة بعض الوثائق والمستندات وتعبئة بعض النماذج الخاصة بتقديم المعاملة وغيرها من الاعمال الورقية اللازمة.

نود تنبيهكم اعزائنا الطلبة الى ان مندوب شركتنا سوف يعمل على مساعدة الطالب في تقديم ملفه لدائرة الإقامة والهجرة لغرض الحصول على بطاقة الإقامة السنوية، ولكن لا نتحمل ولا باي شكل من الاشكال الرسوم المترتبة على ذلك مثل (رسوم الفحص الطبي، رسوم التقديم في دائرة الإقامة والهجرة، وغيرها من المصاريف الرسمية ان وجدت)

تعتبر الطريقة الأكثر شيوعاً لإستقبال الحوالات المالية بين الطالب وولي أمره هي التحويلات البنكية، حيث انها غير مكلفة من ناحية رسوم التحويل وغير ملزمة من ناحية الحد الأدنى او الأقصى من قيمة المبلغ المراد تحويله. ولذلك نحن في شركة UniGates for academic Services نقدم خدمة المساعدة على فتح حساب بنكي خاص بالطالب في واحدة من البنوك الموجودة في أي من الوجهات الدراسية التي نمثلها.

تطبق البنوك شروط وأحكام خاصة على الطلبة الأجانب الذين يريدون فتح حسابات بنكية فيها، وقد تختلف بين وجهة دراسية وأخرى. ولكن توجد بعض الأمور المشتركة والتي نذكر أهمها:

1. إتمام التسجيل بشكل نهائي في المؤسسة التعليمية التي اختارها الطالب والمتمثلة بدفع كامل الرسوم الجامعية والحصول على هوية الطالب.

2. إتمام التسجيل بشكل نهائي في السكن الجامعي او الخارجي والمتمثلة بدفع الأيجار الشهري او السنوي ومن ثم توقيع عقد الايجار.

3. إتمام إجراءات التقديم في دائرة الإقامة والهجرة والمتمثلة بالحصول على بطاقة الإقامة السنوية.

4. صلاحية جواز سفر الطالب لمدة لا تقل عن سنة واحدة.

يعمل مندوب شركتنا على مساعدة عملائنا الطلبة في فتح حسابات بنكية في بلد الدراسة ومجانا بالكامل، ولكن لا نتحمل ولا باي شكل من الاشكال رسوم فتح الحساب البنكي او غيرها من الرسوم المترتبة على ذلك.

نحن في شركة UniGates for Academic Services (UG) نعمل على تمثيل اكثر من 300 مؤسسة تعليمية متوزعة على 20 وجهة دراسية حول العالم، حيث اننا قمنا بتفعيل برامج تعريفية بالمشاركة مع المؤسسات التعليمية التي نبتعث اليها طلابنا الجدد.

فور انتهائنا من إتمام الأمور الرئيسية لطلابنا الجدد في الوجهة الدراسية التي انتقلوا اليها مثل (التسجيل النهائي في الجامعة، تسجيل الطالب في السكن الداخلي او الخارجي، إتمام إجراءات الحصول على بطاقة الإقامة السنوية، فتح الحساب البنكي وغيرها). نقوم بتنظيم حفلة تعارف لجميع طلابنا الجدد بمشاركة مجموعة من طلابنا القدامى وبإشراف ممثلين عن واحدة او اكثر من المؤسسات التعليمية التي ينتسبون اليها، وكذلك العديد من ممثلين السفارات العربية والأفريقية المتواجدون في بلد الدراسة.

نحن في UniGates ومن خلال هذا النوع من النشاطات نهدف الى مساعدة الطلبة الجدد على الاندماج مع المجتمع الجديد لهم ومساعدتهم في التعرف على أبناء بلدهم من الطلبة القدامى والذي قد يساعدهم على الشعور بالطمانينة والتركيز اكثر على مستقبلهم الدراسي.

نود التذكير ان جميع خدمات شركتنا لعملائنا الطلبة هي مجانية بالكامل، وكما هو الحال بالنسبة للجولات التعريفية التي نقيمها لطلابنا الجدد فهي مخصصة فقط لعملائنا الطلبة المسجلين من خلال موقعنا الالكتروني او من خلال واحداً من وكلائنا في مختلف دول العالم.

نحن في شركة UniGates for Academic Services نعتبر خدمة المتابعة والاشراف التي نقدمها لعملائنا الطلبة هي الأهم والأكثر صعوبة من بين سائر الخدمات الأخرى، حيث ان آلية وصول الطالب الى الوجهة الدراسية ومن ثم إتمام المعاملات الورقية هو أمرٌ يتطلب جهداً ووقتاً ومصاريفاً على الطالب وولي امره، ويهدف في نهاية المطاف الى حصول الطالب على الشهادة الجامعية التي سوف تأهله الى الدخول والاندماج في سوق العمل وبدؤه لمسيرته المهنية.

لكن بقاء الطالب ملتزماً ومحافظاً على دراسته الجامعية يتطلب رعاية خاصة من أولياء الأمور أولاً، ونحن في شركة UniGates سوف نساعدهم على ذلك ثانياً. ولكي نضمن عدم حدوث أي معوقات أو مصاعب قد تؤدي الى انحراف الطالب عن مسيرته التعليمة، قمنا بتنظيم بعض الأمور الإدارية بالمشاركة مع المؤسسات التعليمية التي نمثلها ونبتعث اليها طلبتنا الجدد من مختلف أنحاء العالم، حيث نذكر منها:

1. ارسال تقارير شهرية عن حالة الطالب لأولياء الأمور، والتي نحصل عليها مباشرةً من المؤسسة التعليمية عن وضع الطالب السلوكي والتعليمي في أثناء دراسته.

2. ارسال تقارير شهرية عن حالة الطالب للملحقية الثقافية في السفارة التي يتبع لها الطالب، والتي نحصل عليها مباشرةً من المؤسسة التعليمية عن وضع الطالب السلوكي والتعليمي في أثناء دراسته.

3. ارسال جميع معلومات التواصل عن المؤسسة التعليمية التي التحق بها الطالب لاولياء الأمور، والتي سوف تمكنهم من الاتصال مباشرةً في حالة حدوث أي طارئ.

انطلاقا من رؤيتنا في مساعدة عملائنا الطلبة على اكمال مسيرتهم التعليمية بكل نجاح، نعمل جاهدين على منع وقوع أي مشاكل قد تؤدي الى انحراف الطالب عن هدفه الرئيسي الذي سعينا معا على تحقيق جزءاً كبيراً منه، ولكن في حال وقوعها لا سمح الله فسوف نعمل على مساعدة طلبتنا الى حين معالجتها.